Dr. Philip Firestone
Practice in Forensic Psychology
Professor of Psychology & Psychiatry University of Ottawa (1975- 2011) 
Tel: 613.852.1070  E-mail: 

Ph.D.: McGill University, Clinical Psychology  1974    
M.A.: Carleton University, Psychology 1971
Hon. B.A.: Carleton University, Psychology  1969


Professional, Training and Clinical Activities 
  Contract psychologist to the Provincial and Federal Correctional Services of Canada - assessment and  ongoing treatment programs for men on parole for violent and sexual offenses.
Private practice specializing in forensic psychology.
  Ontario Review Board - Psychologist Member 2003-2021. The Ontario Review Board annually reviews the status of every person who has been found to be not criminally responsible, or unfit to stand trial for criminal offences on account of a mental disorder.
 Workshops for police forces (e.g. Royal Canadian Mounted Police).
  Expert evidence in a wide variety of legal cases related to violent and and/or sexual offenses.  These have included long term offender, dangerous offender and homicide hearings.

Research Interests
The major research interest of our group has been the study of  individuals who have been convicted of violent and sexual offenses.  We have studied diagnostic and treatment issues, as well as factors related to recidivism in a wide array of violent offenders including homicidal sex offenders, rapists, incest offenders, child molesters and exhibitionists. 

Text Books
Abnormal Psychology: Perspectives (4th Ed. 2010)  Dozois, D. & Firestone, P., & Pearson Education Canada
Abnormal Psychology: Perspectives (3rd Ed. 2006) Firestone, P., & Dozois, D. Pearson Education Canada
Abnormal Psychology: Perspectives, (2nd Ed. 2003) Firestone, P., & Marshall, W. Pearson Education Canada.
Abnormal Psychology: Perspectives (1999). Marshall, W. & Firestone, P. Pearson Education Canada.

Recent Publications of Interest With Links to Full Text:
On line papers may not be exactly as published.  Please refer to published journal if quoting.

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